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The John Lof Leadership Academy

The UConn School of Engineering is proud to announce the establishment of the John Lof Leadership Academy for Graduate Engineering Students. Backed by the generous endowment from John Lof, a former UConn Electrical and Computer Science professor of 35 years, this exclusive Academy will aim to continue the legacy of Dr. Lof, who wished to reward and cultivate a select group of future leaders and engineering trailblazers. The proceeds of the endowment will be used toward the direct support of the student members (in the form of grants and fellowships) as well as the corresponding Academy programs. Applicants are accepted annually for two-year tenures in the academy.

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Meet Some of Our Students

mikayla moody

Mikayla Moody

Mikayla Moody is a Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. candidate with interests in biomaterials, science policy, and science communication.

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tori danis

Tori Danis

Tori Danis, a Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering, conducts research in the McCutcheon lab on 3D printed membranes.

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erik ammermann

Erik Ammermann

Erik Ammermann is a second-year Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Ph.D. candidate as well as president of the John Lof Leadership Academy.

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