Tori Danis

tori danis

Tori Danis is a second year PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering who conducts research in The McCutcheon Lab on 3D printed membranes for water treatment. She has responded to COVID-19 by administering NIOSH certified testing on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) materials.

As a member of the feedback skills committee, Danis says having the ability to help others grow with constructive feedback has helped her in her role as Teacher’s Assistant. The past year she has been a TA for a Senior Chemical Engineering lab, where she mentors two undergraduate students. Danis says mentoring others is one of her favorite aspects of her research.

Danis’ time as a TA and JLLA member has made her realize she wants to pursue a career in academia and educate future engineers. Currently, Danis serves on JLLA’s E-Board as the activities director.

This fall Danis received the General Electric (GE) Graduate Fellowship allowing her to continue being a TA in a senior level chemical engineering course. She says both have been valuable in developing skills for a career in teaching future engineers, which she has been “passionate about since tutoring incoming undergraduate engineers for the BRIDGE program and 8th grade students interested in STEM through the Pre-Engineering Program (PEP).”

Outside of JLLA, Danis is involved in the Chemical Engineering community at UConn. She is a member of ChEGSA (Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association) which hosts professional and social events for the chemical engineering department. Danis has also joined the department’s Racial Justice & Equity Committee, to develop specific actions to take within the department toward anti-racism.