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The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry is looking to hire student Museum Assistants for the fall semester to help with day-to-day museum operations and visitor engagement.

No puppetry experience or theater background is required, we love to have students from a variety of majors. 
Any students that are interested can post their resume and schedule availability in the UConn Student Employment website.

Class II – Student Museum Assistant – 222USTDate Listed

8/3/2021 11:41:01 AMJob ID6144

Employer Fine Arts – all other

Category Arts/Museum/Theater

Job Type Storrs Campus

Job Description

The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry is seeking museum assistants for fall 2021. Museum assistants will be expected to:

  • Open and/or close the museum
  • Greet and speak with visitors
  • Give tours of the exhibitions
  • Accept museum donations
  • Answer phone inquiries about the museum, exhibitions, programming, etc.
  • Occasionally assist with programming
  • Ensure compliance with COVID protocols
  • Help with administrative work

We are working to finalize our operating schedule for the fall but anticipate that the museum will be open from 10am-4pm on Wednesdays-Saturdays to start. We hope to expand hours as the semester continues, so there will opportunities for more work hours. 

Job Requirements

Museum assistants should be:

  • Responsible and punctual
  • Capable of working independently
  • Comfortable interacting with and assisting people
  • Interested in puppetry and performance

Museum assistants will be expected to attend training sessions before their duties begin.

As part of your application, please include your schedule availability for Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-7pm.

Please reach out to emily.wicks@uconn.edu if you have any questions 

SASP Tutoring Positions

The Student-Athlete Success Program (SASP) is hiring qualified and dedicated tutors for the Fall 2021 semester! SASP is looking to hire Master’s and Ph.D. students in various subject areas to tutor students for both upper and lower level courses. SASP provides resources to student-athletes with the goal to bridge content gaps through academic support, while developing independent learning skills and motivation. In providing this support for student athletes, tutors have the ability to grow their teaching and communication skills.Tutors are matched with individual and or small groups of student-athletes for about 3-8 hours per week (depending on schedules and student need) to complete content specific tutoring.

Looking specifically for graduate students in the following departments:

  • AFRA
  • ARE
  • COMM
  • GEOG
  • HDFS
  • HIST
  • MATH
  • NRE
  • PHIL
  • SPAN
  • SOCI
  • WGSS

Ideal candidates will be professional, responsible, and fully committed to the academic integrity standards of the University of Connecticut, the Athletics Department, as well as the NCAA. Tutors are expected to have demonstrated academic success in the course they are tutoring or a relevant course, with an A- or higher on their transcript to demonstrate strong understanding in course content. Tutoring with SASP allows tutors to have flexible hours, typically with sessions occurring in the evening, with a competitive pay rate.

All applicants will be reviewed and interviews will start during July 2021 on a rolling basis. All hired tutors are agreeing to attend mandatory training sessions on Monday September 6th prior to beginning any work with Student-Athletes.

Interested candidates should contact Gabrielle Tyer, SASP Tutor Coordinator, via email at gabrielle.tyer@uconn.edu, please attach a resume, cover letter, and provide at least one professional reference.

SASP Academic Mentor Positions

The Student Athlete Success Program (SASP) is looking for graduate students studying Educational Psychology, Social Work, Education, Higher Education, and Counseling or related course of study; to work with at-risk student-athletes as Academic Mentors.  Each Academic Mentor will be matched with one or two student-athletes for about 6-10 hours per week (depending on schedules and need) of general guidance in their studies.  The goal is to help student-athletes effectively manage their current coursework, while also developing their independent learning skills and motivation.

The Academic Mentors will help student-athletes with things like establishing and meeting study hall objectives, reading textbooks and articles effectively for comprehension and retention, keeping course materials and notes organized, planning and preparing for project deadlines and exams and expanding their range of study techniques.  Academic Mentors will check in with the SASP Learning Services Director and/or Senior Mentor regularly for feedback on student-athletes’ efforts and progress, and ongoing evaluation and revision of how best to continue to work with the student-athletes’.  Our existing tutor program matches tutors with student-athletes on a course-specific basis, so it is not necessary that the Academic Mentors have expertise in any specific course content.  However, it would be helpful if they are at least somewhat comfortable with a broad range of general education subjects.

The ideal candidates will be conscientious and personable students with some coursework in special education, reading instruction, counseling, or psychology.  Unwavering commitment to academic integrity and confidentiality is imperative.  In addition, experience and comfort working effectively with others from diverse backgrounds is essential.  The mentors are paid $15 per hour.  Hours will be mostly late afternoons / evenings and some weekends, so a flexible schedule is desired.  Mentors will be required to attend training upon hiring, and have regular meetings with the Learning Services Director and/or SASP Staff. 

Interested candidates should contact Kelly McGill Seega, SASP Learning Services Director via email at Kelly.McGill_Seega@uconn.edu, please attach a resume, cover letter, and provide at least one reference.