Graduate Research

UConn Engineering’s research capabilities can be broadly classified into the following four interdisciplinary areas: Advanced Manufacturing & Materials; Sustainability, Energy & the Environment; Security & Infrastructure; and Biomedical Engineering & Genomics. In addition, cross cutting expertise in Complex Systems Engineering; High Performance Computing; and Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship integrates and promotes advanced multidisciplinary research and technology development programs.

Advanced Manufacturing & Materials

Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center (AMIC)FEI Center of Excellence for Microscopy

Pratt and Whitney Center of Excellence in Aerospace Systems

Institute of Materials Science (IMS)

Sustainability, Energy & Environment

Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2)Fraunhofer Center for Energy Innovation (CEI)

Center for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE)

Center for Transportation & Livable Systems (CTLS)

Connecticut Transportation Institute (CTI)

Security & Infrastructure

Center for Hardware Assurance, Security and Engineering (CHASE)Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation (CSI)

Center for Information Assurance & Computer Systems Security (CIACSS)

Biomedical Engineering & Genomics Institute for Systems GenomicsBioinformatics & Biocomputing Institute
Complex Systems Engineering

UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering (IASE)Center for Transportation & Livable Systems (CTLS)

Connecticut Transportation Institute (CTI)

High-Performance Computing Booth Engineering Center for Advanced Technology (BECAT)
Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship UConn Entrepreneurship & Innovation Consortium