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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The mission of UConn’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium is to provide a holistic view of the university’s extensive entrepreneurial offerings for the university community. It serves to foster entrepreneurship and innovation by inspiring and promoting ideas, connecting resources, and building awareness throughout the university and external community. Members of the consortium provide essential services supporting entrepreneurship including programs, activities, funding, courses, mentoring, and education. UConn offers students a wide range of courses to help them engage in entrepreneurship at different levels including foundational, advanced, and experiential. Students can pursue their interests through joint degrees, majors, or creating their own curricula. Ideas are also encouraged outside the classroom through numerous programs and activities as well as in makerspaces and creation spaces across campus, designed to encourage exploration and innovation. Please contact either of us or Kathy F. Rocha, managing director of the consortium, if you would like additional information or have any suggestions for how to improve the value that we offer.With best regards,

Hadi Bozorgmanesh, Ph.D & David Noble, Ph.D
Co-Executive Directors, UConn Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium

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