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ENGR 5440: How to Get to YES


Course Description 

 The goal of this course is to formalize the practice and improve professional development skills related to communicating with colleagues and advisors. Topics include: (i) developing the skill communicate successfully for improved outcomes; (ii) developing the skills for negotiating your points of views; (iii)determine your communication style and others; (iv) assessments and feedback for continuous improvement and (v) role of culture in communication.The course will also include invited talks and feedback from guest speakers in the field of communication.  

 Course Objectives 

 By the end of the course, participants should be able to learn the basics of how communication and conflict resolution are interrelated. 

  • Better understand their communication style and how to apply this knowledge in any situation 
  • Understand the importance of listening, reframing, and paraphrasing and practice the skills 
  • Learn “the art of negotiation” and practice 
  • Develop an awareness and strategies to celebrate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.  


 Aida Ghiaei, Director, Graduate Outreach & Diversity 

Nusaybah Quasem, Program Assistant, Engineering Graduate Programs 


Please click below for the syllabus