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ENGR 5420: Engineering Internships and Careers in Industry

Course Description 

 The goal of this course is to formalize the practice and improve professional development skills related to obtaining an internship in the industry/national labs.  Topics include: (i) identifying engineering internships and research fellowships; (ii) creating personal online professional brand, by developing effective resume and cover letters; (iii) developing interview skills.; (iv)) assessments and feedback for continuous improvement. 

Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, participants should be able to identify 2-4 internship positions in the industry or fellowship opportunities in a national lab for the following summer and have their resumes/profiles and cover letters edited and finalized for the application process.  

  • Identify job/internship opportunities 
  • Working individually and with peers, instructors, and guest lecturers to develop and execute a strategy for obtaining a research internship in a non-academic setting such as private industry, a high-tech start-up or in a national lab. 
  • Form a cohort/network/community/peer group within the class to support and mentor each other for success and to enhance active participation and build team work.  
  • Identify effective practices for job application and networking. 
  • Create an impressive resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile 
  • Identify the requirements and procedures for job opportunities for international students.  


 Fayekah Assanah, Assistant Professor in Residence, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, UConn      


Aida Ghiaei, Director, Graduate Outreach & Diversity, Vergnano Institute for Inclusion 


Nusaybah Quasem, Program Assistant, Engineering Graduate Programs 


Please click below for the Syllabus