Civil & Environmental Engineering Roadmap


  • Enroll in courses and/or research (6-9 graded credits per semester plus research credits) 
  • Register for CE 5030 (0 credits)


Semester 1: Advisor & Research

  • Enroll in CE/TUE courses (See TUE Curriculum Guide)
  • Discuss research interests with faculty
  • Begin work in research group
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Prepare for qualifying exam

Semester 2: Start Research

  • Continue to enroll in CE/TUE courses
  • Enroll in research (GRAD 6950) and/or additional courses

Form an Advisory Committee

Continue to take Graded Courses toward Your Degree

Submit Plan of Study to the Graduate School (after 12 credits with M.S. and 18 credits without M.S. completed)

Pass General Exam

(by end of the year, but after submitting Plan of Study)


Dissertation Proposal

  • Provide a copy of proposal to advisory committee and 2 additional faculty reviewers 1 week in advance
  • Defend proposal
  • Submit proposal hard copy, dissertation proposal approval, and general exam forms to Graduate School (at least 6 months before final Ph.D. defense)
  • Submit proposal to CEE Graduate Director for review by 2 reviewers

Prepare Dissertation

  • Should be completed within 12 months of the completion of General Exam

Complete required coursework (15 beyond M.S.) and research credits (15)


Submit CEE Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Scheduling Checklist

Apply for graduation in Peoplesoft during last semester

  • Contact CEE department staff for calendar scheduling and announcement. 

Announce final defense 2 weeks in advance on UConn and CEE event calendars

Provide dissertation to advisory committee 2 weeks in advance of defense


  • Submit 1 electronic copy of dissertation to Digital Commons
  • Submit completed approval page, final exam form, and receipt of earned doctorate survey to Graduate School

Complete CEE Clearance Form

  • Includes submitting pdf of thesis, and returning keys
    Clearance Form

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