Degree Programs – Environmental Engineering

Our graduate programs are highly ranked and our faculty are respected as researchers, educator, and mentors. At UConn Engineering, you will not just find classrooms but, you will find a welcoming family designed to support you, mentor you and help you prepare in your chosen field of research.

Our Offerings

The Graduate Certificate and MENG degrees are offered as distance learning courses through the School of Engineering Center for Advanced Engineering Education.

The M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are offered in one of three areas of concentration, as described below. It should be noted that the list of courses is indicative; depending on the research focus of a particular student, it is possible that courses from several areas or other programs are used towards the degree. Students should consult with their graduate advisor on course selection. However, it should be demonstrated in the Plan of Study that the selected courses are relevant to the Environmental Engineering discipline. Descriptions for all graduate courses are available in the Graduate Catalog (

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